We are an international team of award winning digital creatives & marketers based in Spain.

With more than 20 years’ experience in marketing - both offline and online, we’ve got a track record that includes supporting some of the oldest and newest brands as they reach beyond their local markets to find a global audience.


It all starts by building a strong digital footprint, and making digital marketing easy to understand for our clients. 


We are experts at digital strategy, audience development, social media, campaign management and creating localised content that inspires brand advocacy.

Our partners describe us as an extension of their marketing team but without the overheads.  We turn your brand vision into reality, approaching projects with an intense focus backed by authenticity, empathy and most importantly, passion – it’s the fire in our bellies that makes the difference.

Our proven 3 step methodology  


Everything starts with your audience at the center. Together with your team, we will determine the business proposition, who you want to reach, what your brand represents and how it relates to your digital audience and most importantly what are the measures for success. 


Based on the outcomes of the evaluation phase we will design a clear plan of who and how your brand will engage with the digital audience and the tools and platforms required to support this activity inclusive of a 360 digital strategy. 


Acting as your external marketing partner, we give you access to a talented network of international digital professionals to implement the strategy, ensuring consistent growth and scalability so that it delivers results. 

Chelsea Anthon

CEO & Founder

I was born in Australia to a Spanish father who always promised to take me to his homeland.  After he died suddenly, too young, I started traveling to Spain (obsessively) until I moved here. Spain is where my heart is, where I’ve built my home and my consultancy, and where I feel most alive.

In more than 20 years as a campaign director and content/marketing strategist in Australia, Spain, and Europe, I’ve been excited to work with both international and local brands. The challenge is always to build relevance and scalability in our fast-moving digital milieu. 


Today I combine my marketing expertise with my love of Spain and promote the untapped potential that exists in every corner of this country and across diverse sectors, from wine and food to travel, health and wellbeing.


Calling on our network of highly-skilled content creators, photographers, digital marketing experts, designers and journalists means Chelsea Consulting & Co. can always put the right talent to work on your brand.

Running remote teams across the world is now second nature to me.

 My Sydney roots give me an international perspective for sure, but it’s my experience running multinational projects that’s driven my understanding of how best to connect and engage brands with audiences across various cultures. In the last 10 years I’ve managed cross-cultural and multidisciplinary teams in global organisations and start-ups across APAC, EMEA and the Americas.​ 

It’s digital that makes that connection possible, even on relatively small budgets, and we have the results to prove it. 

My work with the Sherry Wine Council for instance helped transform a regional speciality into a modern and dynamic global digital movement – something the industry had told me was impossible. The overwhelmingly high brand engagement we’ve generated has subsequently set an industry-wide benchmark in digital marketing for other wine regions, and has led the Council to increase their digital investment year on year.  

Contact me for a complimentary Strategy Session.

Meet our awesome team of collaborators 

Amaia Soto Ortega

DIP WSET | Wine Marketing Consultant

Amaia has more than 11 years experience working internationally in wine marketing, sales and business management, spanning across Colombia, China and Spain.  She is a dedicated wine aficionado, achieving the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits. 

Marina Lobato

Digital Content Producer

A passionate photographer and social media addict, Marina has studied fine arts and Digital Marketing.  She applies these skills and her own creativity across all aspects of the business from the web, app, social media content, analytics and graphic design. She especially loves photographing food and wine.

Katya Kovalenko

Digital Designer and Art Director

After a decade of working in advertising and communication agencies Katya started her own creative business helping startups and companies from all over the world to develop their ideas into brands. In her works she combines analytical approach and simple aesthetics, often using data to tell visual stories. 

Visit Katyas Studio www.quiet-studio.com

Ward Campbell

Technology lead and Drupal architect

Ward has a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University.  He has called Madrid home for more than 15 years & has been engineering innovative long-term platforms as a digital architect for almost 20 years.  

Juan Antonio Ramírez

Content producer, Account Manager

Following his studies in graphic design & advertising, Juanan created his own communications agency, specialising in the creation of lifestyle content for the wine sector in his beloved home country of Spain.  His passion for storytelling and love of design deliver consistent results through engagement metrics. 

Kelly Lawlor

Photographer, Account Manager

With more than 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, Kelly has a remarkable eye for detail, working with influencers and organisations to promote a lifestyle or brand through carefully crafted images. 


Mila Nikolova

Digital & Social Media Strategist

Mila combined a background in Advertising in PR with international experience in print media and years of consulting tech startups to help companies of all sizes build or improve their digital presence, the way they communicate within the business and with their external audiences. Her focus in the past years is social media strategy and implementation and she is passionate about sustainability.  

Visit Milas agency: www.sociaw.com

Kelly Lawlor

Photographer & Digital Content Producer

With more than 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, Kelly has a remarkable eye for detail, working with influencers and organisations to promote a lifestyle or brand through carefully crafted images.  Her vivacious personality gives her an edge when it comes to building outreach programs with influencers especially in the mixology world. 

Amaia Porteiro 

Digital Marketing & Social Consultant, SEO Copywriter

With extensive experience both at digital agencies and the in-house marketing department of multinational companies across multiple fields, Amaia has a holistic approach to marketing, devising strategies for the full customer journey (both short and long term) focusing in the target client & needs and enhancing the brand & USP, measuring every
step of the process for constant optimization.


María Cajo

SEO, Analytics, AdWords

A digital marketing expert certified in Google Analytics and AdWords,  Maria is an exceptional marketeer using a combination of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and conversion optimisation to grow revenues and customers for her clients.  She does this by being extremely strategic and working closely with her clients to teach them how to apply and optimize their strategies for both the short and long term results.

See Marias work


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