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El Consejo Regulador de los Vinos de Jerez y Manzanilla
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We changed how Spanish sherry wines are perceived both at home and around the world, in a measurable way. How? Through a coherent brand story and a cohesive, cost-effective digital strategy.

One of the oldest Denomination de Origen councils in the world and the oldest in Spain, El Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xeres-Sherry (Sherry Wine Council) had struggled to pitch sherry as a modern wine fit to be associated with gastronomy. The category was languishing with no digital marketing activity in any of its markets including Spain. The brand’s image was inconsistent and confused due to various agencies managing it differently in international locations and telling different stories to consumers.



Social Media

We were determined to deliver a truly integrated communications strategy. So we designed a complementary social media content strategy to support our business objectives, focused on an intensive #sherrylover influencer campaign working with the professional community. By engaging and empowering food and wine professionals (wine buyers, restaurant and bar owners, wine educators, chefs, sommeliers and mixologists) with the tools and content they needed, we were able to reach a new demographic of sherry consumers and stimulate conversations - and sales. 

Social media refers an average of 20% of traffic to month on month - connections which simply didn’t exist before our team went to work.

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We developed a global audience for the sherry wine category with a 500% increase in reach and engagement in the first three months of launch. Through a dynamic content strategy led by consumer-generated content from knowledgeable advocates, professionals and influencers, we were able to amplify the digital engagement of the sherry category resulting in a continual traffic increase of 40% month on month, while at the same time connecting a global community of sherry enthusiasts. 

With more than 3000 original articles, recipes, events, Sherry Spots and interviews published in five languages, the site is consistently used as a benchmark by high-profile wine professionals, resulting in huge referral traffic and consistently positive PR.

The hashtag #sherrylover introduced by our team has inspired a passion for the wines and their origins with an average of 200 posts generated every month by our community.  


The international sherry-loving community now boasts more than 80,000 active followers. 

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